Indoor Air Quality Testing

Whether you’re thinking of purchasing a home and believe it may have an indoor air quality problem, or you’re noticing signs that your own home may have poor air quality, an indoor air quality test from a qualified home inspector is essential.

Air quality testing allows you to check for potentially harmful mold spores, which can hide inside walls and in damp areas, and often go undetected for months or years.

The testing samples will be sent to a laboratory where they can be examined closely to detect the presence of even the smallest mold spores, ensuring that the test is as thorough and comprehensive as possible.

Indoor Air Quality testing is recommended if:

  • You smell mold or mildew in a home and cannot determine its origin
  • You believe the home may have moisture issues due to issues like water leaks, improperly built bathrooms, or flooding
  • Your indoor air quality is poor, causing symptoms like shortness of breath, itchiness, watery eyes, or a sore throat

An indoor air quality inspection is the best way to protect your health, your family, and your property from the damaging effects of mold. So don’t wait, schedule an inspection today.

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