Common Issues Found in Florida Home Inspections

Like every state and region, there are problems that are found more often in certain places than in others. 

Here are the most common problems that we have found when inspecting homes in Florida. 

Damaged Roofs

The climate and weather in Florida aren’t very conducive to preserving roofing materials, which means that they often have wear and tear from the years. 

Florida experiences torrential rains, thunderstorms, and tropical storms every year – and sometimes multiple times a year. While many home builders and homeowners have begun to build homes with stranger materials, there is still room for damage. 

Shingle roofs are especially susceptible to being damaged, because they can blow off from high winds – exposing the roof to rotting from water. However, the hot sun is another cause of damage, as it is sunny most of the year. 

Electrical Problems 

There are many electrical issues that can occur in homes, but aging is one of the biggest reasons that these problems pop up. 

Another reason why inspectors typically find electrical problems in homes is that the homeowner tried to do repairs themselves and did it incorrectly. Other times electricians who are not as experienced can mess up the electrical circuits in homes by connecting them incorrectly. 

Water Damage

This is one of the biggest problems that occurs in homes in Florida because of the weather, humidity and proximity to the ocean. 

The majority of homes are made with wooden components, which is the material that is the most susceptible to rotting from the rain. Oftentimes, inspectors see homes that haven’t been regularly kept up with – resealing, caulking, and painting – and the homes have either mold or rot issues. 

AC Unit Problems

Since Florida is such a hot and humid state, the majority of the year homeowners are running the AC in their homes. With so much use comes room for wear and tear. 

Often, homeowners don’t have regular maintenance checks done on the AC unit in their home, because they use it so often that they assume if it works it is in good condition. However, this is not the case, and people who neglect their yearly maintenance checks run into problems with their AC units. 

Home inspectors usually find out that there is a problem with the AC when they are doing an inspection because they notice low refrigerant levels, ductwork that is leaking, or dirty filters. 

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